It's time to start talking

Wangie is a safe space where you can come incognito and talk without judgment.
Chatrooms are moderated by psychology professionals and mindfulness experts and filled with people who share similar journey and concerns. We talk hope, share perspective and experiences.

Download to talk or just listen and see how others anonymously reconcile and vent.

Wangie is not a therapy - it is an anonymous social network
and all conversations are casual.

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Fully anonymous. No user profiles.

Some feelings, thoughts and experiences are difficult to share. At Wangie you can drop your lift without judgement, fully anonymously.

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Moderated by psychology professionals and mindfulness experts

At Wangie no one is left behind. Mentors will support you and guide you in your journey. You will get the perspective, the knowledge and the emotional support you need.

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Chat on any topic.
No judgement.

Find groups with topics that matter to you, peers experiencing similar situations and mentors with expertise in the subjects.

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Save and keep the content that lifts you up, in your own space

Save content suggested by experts and peers. Build your knowledge and find your way.

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Book 1:1 sessions and events with psychology professionals
and mindfulness experts

You can book private sessions or attend events
with mentors who inspire you or can provide perspective
to anything you are dealing with

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We will be in touch!

Hang on, this place is a building site!

Wangie is a big idea in its early stages. The app is currently a beta testing version,
which means there’ll be tweaks and improvements going on. 

Come and be part of the solution, help us get it right: email if you’d like to chat to us.